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  • Easy to use
    Love this app! Makes it very easy to use and never crashes...
    Bnnhbbum about 5 years ago
  • Learn something new
    Loving this app! Well worth the money
    Bnnhbbum almost 7 years ago
  • Good bye newspaper
    Great app
    Bnnhbbum about 7 years ago
  • Faster than texting!!!
    This app is the perfect tool to communicate with another cell service contacts without using up your minutes. Faster than texting and waiting for the person to answer phone w rings! Love this Free app!
    Bnnhbbum over 7 years ago
  • Does what it says!
    I have been using this app on my blackberry now my new IPhone. I have lost 75 lbs thanks to this little gem of an app. It really helps you think about what your putting in your body and keep track of your weight. Well worth the price of Free99!
    Bnnhbbum about 8 years ago