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  • Garden of Time
    Addictive, great!!!
    Bluebeep almost 8 years ago
  • I've come to expect better
    I like to read in bed. This doesn't have night-mode. And since OS4.1? there is no flip-the-color three tap thingy in Accessories. The interface is slow even with the new OS for 3G. Maybe I've been spoiled expecting better, and if that's what my complaints are really about, then I want to be spolied.
    Bluebeep over 9 years ago
  • Awesome!
    This is by far the best reader I've found. The only thing that would give it a 5 star is a screen rotate lock. Kind of like the calculator does where if you can rotate it only 2 ways. The reason for this is that I like to read in bed before I sleep so my viewing of the app is already horizontal. With the current way, I can never get the reader to lock the screen rotation so I'm always reading at perpendicular angles. Well almost perpendicular. Hope this is something the developers can add in a future release. Thanks for the great product!
    Bluebeep almost 12 years ago
  • Smurf village
    Love the smurfs!! Addictive!!
    Bluebeep almost 8 years ago
  • Yes!
    Very good app! Well done!
    Bluebeep about 10 years ago