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  • Nice app
    Please add a way to tell how many pages u have typed as well as how many words. Can u also please add more fonts
    Blind Kicker over 5 years ago
  • Problems
    1. If I want a head start piwerup, ill buy one, therefor please remove the option to buy it from start if run, I don't want to buy one by mistake, therefor please remove that ability. 2. Gems collected in the run shouldn't cost anything, because if I use a gem that I found, then use it, I loose money. I shouldn't loose money for using found gems, if this is as pose to happen, remove the gens from the run track. So basically, DON'T give ANY shortcuts to not use the store. I don't want to buy anything by mistake without wanting too. Do you know what I mean? FIX, please! At least add an option to have those shortcuts in settings.
    Blind Kicker almost 6 years ago
  • Fun app
    Please allow pasting in chat.
    Blind Kicker over 4 years ago
  • Fun app
    Great app but, Something to think about for the next update: -add more teen hobbies -add more things dating teens can do, like after serious dating they can be inlove and do more things -please raise the max sim limit -auto lighting isn't always working properly, please fix I believe that's it :) Please fix/add all
    Blind Kicker over 4 years ago
  • Metal
    It would be cool if u made a metal version of temple run! A version of temple run with all those new programming stuff apple announced
    Blind Kicker about 4 years ago