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  • Great app if you use GoDaddy!
    Full functionality - great app.
    BccList about 10 years ago
  • Easy to keep up with local news on the road
    Took me awhile to realize you needed to tap the page you were reading in order to see a back button -- other than that fix, I can't suggest much else.
    BccList about 8 years ago
  • Tabs + Remember Password = Awesome!
    Great work, all...
    BccList almost 11 years ago
  • New App Is Clunky & Cumbersome
    Go back to previous version(s) -- less is ALWAYS more.
    BccList almost 7 years ago
  • It was great until the 1st and 2nd updates
    App Update 1 from late May/early June: Now my pending comments can't be approved unless I uninstall and then reinstall the app. Did anybody test this version? Boooo! App Update 2 from June 9th: Now I am getting blog communication errors while connected to the internet and trying to view my stats (which I signed into yesterday). Please give us the old version of the app back until these issues are fixed.
    BccList over 8 years ago