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  • Great!
    Just simply a load of challenging fun! :)
    Barney Custer over 6 years ago
  • Flawless operation
    App works flawlessly and the selections are endless. Wish I had more more storage as many books have large files. Well worth the time spent!!
    Barney Custer over 6 years ago
  • Love this app
    What a great way to read the classics wherever you are. Don't by pass this one!
    Barney Custer almost 7 years ago
  • Great for the biblophile!
    Flawless app so far. Really enjoying this!
    Barney Custer over 6 years ago
  • Great app when not shutting down
    I just purchased the MacArthur app and the format is great, but the app keeps closing and saying it is syncing. Hope it's fixable! Apparently there is an update, but no response on how to get it nor a response on my request for a refund. Down to 3 stars from 4. Now I've deleted it. Tired of it shutting down?
    Barney Custer about 4 years ago