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  • This game is cool
    It is amazing
    Ashaela about 5 years ago
  • My little boy is so disappointed...
    He practically danced when I downloaded it for him, hopped up and down during the short wait for it to install. Not much I can say to him now that the only thing the app brings up is an apology that this game is not yet compatible with 4th generation iPod, despite the claims that it does. :( I told him that surely you'd be fixing it soon, and good things come to those who wait. Platitudes don't do much to appease children, but your attention to this issue will! Really hoping that I'm replacing this bad review for a good one soon!!
    Ashaela over 6 years ago
  • App with ads, please- not ads disguised as an app!
    My son was very upset trying to play the new app we just downloaded for him. I took a look and quickly realized he couldn't start the game because everything he tried landed him right back in the app store. I tried to help by showing him to wait, to x out the app- but seriously!! I understand using ads to accommodate offering a free game, but despite our best efforts we haven't been able to even play this game! Ads layered upon ads and designed to fool you into clicking. Look we wanted your game. You'd think you'd want us to see your work! Please fix. I have a sad boy here who just wants to play...
    Ashaela almost 6 years ago
  • Can't put it down!!
    Forget the remote, it's this game that everyone is fighting for around here. Lucky for me, I'm the mom and it's my phone, so I get priority! But it makes for a nice incentive for my boys. Keep new levels coming!
    Ashaela almost 9 years ago
  • Fun!
    Love the included extras
    Ashaela about 4 years ago