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  • Hooked on this game !
    I'm such a game freak lol
    AppLover007 about 6 years ago
  • Pretty bad ....
    I really wanted this app to work since I'm wanting I catch up on a few shows, but unfortunately the app is terrible, at least in this current incarnation. Frequent video loading issues, freezing, stops and starts .... could not even open the app last night after installing. I am hoping the next update will resolve the many problems as it seems I am not the only one with these issues! <fingers crossed>
    AppLover007 over 7 years ago
  • Hey -- loving this app
    I'm all about the emojis and other ways to make them awesome -- nice work !
    AppLover007 over 6 years ago
  • Need all the help I can get
    So this app lookalike its going to do the trick - thx for making it
    AppLover007 over 6 years ago
  • mermaids rule !
    No matter what they do
    AppLover007 over 6 years ago