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  • ???
    Okay for browsing but you can't add pages... Which is kinda laaaaammmmmeeeeee......
    aimee wallace over 6 years ago
  • I hate the new update ??????
    On my old ipad I still have the old version which is great! you can move and twist and spin the document prior to printing, but with the new version you can't do that and it always cuts off my things. I primarily use this for shipping labels and flyers for work, which is unfortunate because it always cuts off the words now, plus it doesn't remember your settings like the old version did so I waste a lot of expensive paper and labels now... In short, this app is costing me money and it's not as easy to use as it once was.. :( ------UPDATE----10/27/14 Since writing my original review they have updated a few times, I just updated again today which I was initially really excited about because it said you could choose to opt out of the border setting which is awesome because hurray for Avery labels!! Unfortunately I can't find any of the settings I was accustomed to prior to this update today so instead of erasing my original review I decided to leave it here again because it now applies AGAIN, even after they sort of fixed it( not really they just added another option which still made it much more difficult to get your document the right size but at least do-able) so yeah, it prints or whatever but it's a super expensive and painful experience. *******OH AND THAT FREAKING REMINDS ME, when I downloaded this I was having trouble syncing this up to my printer so I called the support number they given via the app and after painstakingly trying to explain the guy that my issue was regarding the application/app he kept patronizing me and more or less calling me a liar acting like I'm crazy because my printer is a bit on the older side and is missing some component needed to print directly from my iPad to my printer, after I repeatedly kept telling him I'm not having an issue with my printer I am having an issue with your application for the iPad!! Unfortunately I didn't get his name, but my god! that really left a bad taste in my mouth for this company. He was extremely rude and spoke with a thick accent, but luckily the next person I was referred to was MUCH more polite and extremely pleasant and friendly, which did make up for quite a bit, but I would be lying if I said I didn't think about it every now and then without getting extremely angry and bitter ..... ANY HOW FIX THE APP !!!
    aimee wallace over 5 years ago
  • LOVE the IDEA of the new update
    Love that you can now edit your site from the app! However, i really wish i could still check my stats, inbox for contact forms, and sales on my sites.... So thats unfortunate. Plus not all of the editing features are there and there are some minor bugs, for instance; on one of my websites i disabled the social icons and search bar, but when i updated my app today and took a look at my site there BOTH of those things were on my site :/ so... Yeah. OBVIOUSLY, they're still in beta phase but i think theyre on the right track....but I might hold out on downloading this version until they sort these things out in the mean time if i were you...
    aimee wallace over 5 years ago
  • Sound doesn't work:(
    For some reason the sound isn't working :((((((
    aimee wallace about 6 years ago
  • Day 1: Not liking my experience so far
    Just downloaded this app today, tried calling myself on the house phone to see how the sound was on my VM message because it was near silent on the play back, but on another phone it sounds fine. However I tried calling the number a 3rd and 4th and 5th time to only be on the phone ringing for 6.5 minutes and then I was disconnected....for some reason it's also not ringing when I get a call or letting me test out notification sounds even after I had adjusted my settings .... With my initial intention of buying this app for work, it's very scary reading the other reviews about how other people's numbers have been given away! I mean REALLY?! That is completely unacceptable...??
    aimee wallace about 6 years ago