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  • Fantastic App
    Ab0vo over 6 years ago
  • Great Google Reader Alternative, constant crashes on iPad
    Having left Google Reader, I will acknowledge that Feedly was able to provide the same, if not better functionality. My only issue with Feedly is the lack of offline storage and offline reading. This is actually a huge issue for me. However, it has not gotten under my skin and it provides more than enough features to make up for this issue. Storing to Pocket is not classified as offline reading. Also I have many issues with random crashes on my iPad.
    Ab0vo about 5 years ago
  • Efficient
    When I'm 'on the go', I don't use Facebook a lot but I frequently do for its messaging service. Facebook Messenger is far more efficient than opening the full Facebook application.
    Ab0vo about 5 years ago
  • EPIC
    I recently had Pro RSS Reader (deleted it and reinstalled it just to delete it again) and I've had it for almost a year with it constantly crashing while using it so last week I got fedup and I bought Reeder. Purchased - Downloaded - Installed - Ran I input my google cridentials and that was it, epicness unfolded. The app downladed all my feeds as well as began downloading images and wanted nothing more to do with me but to "reed". iRecommend this app.
    Ab0vo about 8 years ago
  • Amazing App
    There are many highly rated apps for managing tasks; however, none are even close in depth to this application. This is definitely the app for power users.
    Ab0vo about 5 years ago