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  • Like
    Well done game. Gestures instead of tapping gives a nice feel. I find myself checking back often. I have yet to find out how long before it starts to become less interesting, but so far great up to lvl10.
    A.J.Gomez about 6 years ago
  • Great!
    Indeed an amazing game! More content would get my 5. Awaiting the sequel
    A.J.Gomez almost 7 years ago
  • Near Perfect
    All you could need for a movie app. Always up to date for movie times and bug fixes when needed. Imax times have now been included. A last request to seperate the times for VIP movies that some of the cineplex theaters have. Many times ive gone to the theater for a showtime only to find out that it is only available VIP which is more expensive. Keep up the good work
    A.J.Gomez over 6 years ago
  • Good layout
    There are less channel and source options than a similar app Frequency. However, this app has a great layout allowing you to easily find the type of videos and sources you feel like looking at. It has a smooth feel when browsing and sharing which is a plus. Another plus over Frequency is the fact that videos you share do not require the receiver to download the app.
    A.J.Gomez almost 6 years ago
  • My primary reader
    I have been using Feedly for short of a year now. I originally downloaded it for the Buffer integration and I found it very efficient for me to skim through news and blogs. There is so much noise on the net and Feedly has helped me filter out the ones that are most relevant to me, my industry, and client's industries. Happy with the recent addition to sync across devices.
    A.J.Gomez over 4 years ago