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  • Awesome
    190484698 over 9 years ago
  • Crashes on iPad 1 and sound is always off time!
    This app alway crashes on my iPad 1 and the sound is always off from the video no matter what! I reboot, re-install the app, I update the software on my iPad, everything and it still doesn't function properly a multimillion $ company should be able to make a better app than this, I love it when it's working but that's the problem...
    190484698 almost 8 years ago
  • Chuck you ds and psp away!
    This game is the beginning of the ipod touchs future as a gaming device. This is a real gamer game that the ipod touch has been desprately in need of for long time, But NEEDS FREE ROAMING!!! totally worth 10$ even worth the 30$ youd pay on a ds or psp. get it!
    190484698 almost 11 years ago
  • When I import photos app crashes!
    Looks great, interface is amazing BUT when I import photos app crashes!
    190484698 about 9 years ago
  • App doesnt even show a menu to access the features
    App doesnt even show a menu to access the features
    190484698 about 8 years ago