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Sudoku 81 Squares FREE 數獨 스도쿠 81乗 Судоку 10000 sudoku puzzles screenshot 1
10,000 Classic Sudoku Puzzles! Enough so that you may not ever need to buy another Sudoku game or book again!

Boasts the following features:
1) Upload your scores to the web (optional - server allows upload of one high score per puzzle for each device - no cheating! :)
2) View the top 3 high scores upon completion of a puzzle
3) View the average solving time for uploaded scores upon completion of a puzzle
4) Select a specific puzzle to play
5) Select a specific difficulty level (Easy, Medium, or Hard) or select all difficulties to play everything (including Semi-Evil =)
6) Solve a specific cell (comes in handy when playing hard puzzles - but adds three minutes to the time - just to keep...