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  • So many useful layers of functionality
    Everything about this app makes me happy. I use it to work out tricky passage that include polyrhythms and odd note groupings to great effect. I also use it to program claves to practice with. I can do a 9/8 pattern divided any way with accents and 4 different sounds; the options are nearly limitless. It's easy to use; I just figured it out on my own. This is one of the only apps I've ever bothered to purchase the full version of. awesome stuff
    RoryDavis over 6 years ago
  • Great app....
    This is THE best metronome app out there. Makes practicing and progress a lot easier to keep up with.
    DeShawndre over 6 years ago
  • It gets better with every update!
    I can do simple things such as letting the basic metronome keep going or keeping a queit timer for how long I work on something, or complex things such as setting up variables that leave out or change beats while practicing polyrhythms and save all the different setting - and this app doesn't miss. The permutations that one can achieve are almost limitless. Thanks for a great app!
    nelipotdrums over 6 years ago
  • Thanks to PolyNome...
    My rhythmic timing and melodic finger style guitar playing is really improving! ?
    mauiwayne over 6 years ago
  • "Drummer's Dream"
    Wow,this is too cool,the more I use polynome the better I feel about my time and feel this better than any thing out there, polynome is truly a great inovative tool for all musicians
    Gdub7 over 6 years ago

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