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  • directioner
    i love one direction! i love niall and harry the best. they are just so cute. im totally a directioner and always will be. even though i like one direction, i dont really like this game. i love how it says words or sings part of a song when their face comes up but the pictures need to be better. i just dont think the game is addicting but its still a good game. i play it every now and then. trust me, i try every game thats about one direction. a lot if boys dont like one direction but thats only because they are jealous that the girls much like myself are always talking about them and crushing over them. on another note this game would be a lot better if it had a few upgrades. please dont reply to this saying how this game is perfect and whatnot because everybody has an opinion and nobody can change that no matter what they say! well peace love ya and goodbye! (thank you for reading my opinion on this game!)
    kimmy! : ) almost 9 years ago
  • Me encanta!!!
    Me encanta sobre todo porque es de 1D
    Melissahoransra almost 9 years ago
  • Boring!!!
    Boring as hell!!!???????????????????
    Hampuss98 almost 9 years ago
  • Boring!!!
    Boring as hell!!!???????????????????
    Blazin98 almost 9 years ago
  • 1D:)
    This game is great! Every time you find one of the guys they sing or say something. However it be nice if the pictures we're updated.
    Katniss3034 almost 9 years ago

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