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New Solitaire 2014 - Klondike - Best Card Game like on Windows (Best as the Poker) screenshot 1
The New Solitaire 2014 - Klondike is a card game made and designed for all the devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch ! Even the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s and 5c).

This app allows you to play at the Best Solitaire you ever playerd in your life! This game is like the one you can find on a Windows but definitely better with the touch system that we created for you.

Let's have a real good game and listen to your music in the same time, no problem to do both in the same time.

All the cards were designed by specialists just for you. Thus, the cards are very easy to read! That's a very good point to achieve games in time!

This Solitaire Klondike Game is the new one for the year 2014.

"I really...
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