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  • Buena
    Buena app
    Luevanito over 5 years ago
  • Cool
    Very good
    Diogo16388 over 5 years ago
  • Fantastic
    iPhone5 iOS7 I cannot recommend enough. This app takes the third category of music out of the following: 1. Songs bought and listened to repeatedly. 2. Internet Radio plays songs once until you hear them again. 3. Songs you can keep for a while and replace with new songs if you get bored of them. The interface is fantastic as well as the offline listening function. Downloads are rather slow but this is likely due to the fact that the video is downloaded as well. I really enjoy the native control functionality (control center/ earpod controls). One minor issue is that music cuts for one second when switching between apps (annoying, but not problematic). Now, two suggestions for the developers. 1. Make it abundantly clear what the IAP upgrade entails. The only thing I learned from the description was that it removes adds. If the benefits were clear, perhaps more people would purchase. 2. See if it is possible to transfer MV tube songs to the native music player or otherwise be able to use the music for music-based games and apps. If this can be done without the hassle of using a computer this app would definitely increase in popularity. As of now the app is fantastic, but there is always room to improve, keep up the good work!
    The Critical 1 over 5 years ago
  • Love it!!!
    I'm in love with this app!
    Dianaadame over 5 years ago
  • Top
    Super Einmalig
    Brain OC over 5 years ago

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