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  • issues with accuracy
    After using it for just a day, compared to the health app on the iphone the number of steps was way off. It was so annoying when the step count would jump up and down but i do really like the timeline I just wish it was more accurate.
    gloriaofglee almost 3 years ago
  • Don't waste a single step!!!
    Complete waste of time. Steps are completely inaccurate. Sometimes it decided just to skip 3000 or 4000 steps.
    Boehma almost 3 years ago
  • Once Flawless App Now a Mess
    Up until a few months ago, while not perfect, Moves worked fairly well. Now it is just a mess. None of the provided fixes resolve the issue, and there is no way to contact the developers directly. It appears that yet another app developer has tired of it all and abandoned Moves. I do wish Apple would address this issue.
    sfnano almost 3 years ago
  • Wish there were more updates
    Better than an expensive gps watch. All you have to do is carry your phone! The developers seem to have disappeared though!
    eahiv almost 3 years ago
  • Completely inaccurate
    This app used to work well. Now, half the time, I have no idea what it thinks it's doing. It'll log "turned off" for hours at a time, even when my phone is active. It will tell me my 20 minute bus ride took 4 hours. It seemed to improve at one point, after an update, but now it's worse than ever. It was so good when I first got it that I've kept it on my phone, hoping someone will fix it someday -- but I'm pretty much ready to give up.
    Dvorhagen almost 3 years ago

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