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  • Motion X GPS
    Took me from Virginia to Texas easy! No miss directions...
    TimTooFly over 4 years ago
  • Crap
    Had for over a year. Worked fine until they want you to purchase the voice package. Does not list how far you are away and the arrow takes you off rout. Sent me to the wrong address multiple times and changed routes midway sending me 25 miles off the normal rout. I even deleted it and re download it.
    Nugget bomb over 4 years ago
  • Good app
    Had this for a while does a great job!!! I give it five stars
    Yankee van over 4 years ago
  • JVC head unit dooped me
    I bought this app, and 2 others in a bundle for $2. I was ok with the annual charge of $9. For voice guidance. I was pretty upset when I was told AFTER buying the app that I would be charged an additional $25. To display the app on my JVC KW-V10 head unit. I ultimately removed the head unit and replaced it with a Kenwood DDX310BT head unit.
    KRaysDaddy over 4 years ago
  • Love it, been using it for years ....
    .... But lately the nite mode is not working. I usually use the automatic mode to switch between daytime and nite time maps but lately it does not switch to nite mode automatically. Can you please fix? When using at nite the daytime mode is just too bright inside a car. Thanks, and great app! I've been using it for 4 years now!
    Flip fingers over 4 years ago

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