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  • Does this even work independently?
    I can't use it as a back up alarm because it appears that it doesn't work independently. So if I snooze my phone's alarm, or turn it off altogether, all I get are silent notifications from this app. Perhaps that is because my phone is in sleep mode. But I have other alarm apps that bypass the sleep mode successfully. I have deleted this app since it is of no use to me.
    Kimmaklyn over 3 years ago
  • Thank God For This App
    It is an understatement to say that I have trouble waking up to alarms. I have tried everything. Setting up to 25 alarms at 1-5 minute intervals, alarms that run around, alarms that time to your sleep cycle... But unless they wake my brain up, angry sleep-greedy morning-me will shut them all off and I will wake up two hours later not remembering that I did it. I have slept through meetings, breakfast dates, lunches, it's ridiculous. This alarm is amazing. It is the only alarm that has ever gotten me up and aware enough to understand what I'm doing and not turn off alarms or go back to sleep. It is a god send. I'm no longer scared of sleeping through work or other commitments and I will no longer be the butt of every "she-loves-her-sleep" type joke. Seriously, this app is perfection and I am super thankful for it.
    HucklebeeBellomy over 3 years ago
  • Annoying!
    It works, but I have chosen to have an easy math problem and I get 2 three term expressions to figure out which equals a given number. Really!?! That's as easy as you get? How about something like 4+5. I just want to make sure I don't shut off my alarm in my sleep, I'm not practicing for the SATs. I can't stand listening to the obnoxious alarm go off while I try to figure out that stupid problem at 4am. I have used other math alarm clocks and they are far less annoying. I have woken up on a really bad mood every day since using this stupid app. Learn what EASY means and remember easy when you are wide awake is different than easy when you are half asleep.
    Hyscbmlitz over 3 years ago
  • Works well!
    I tend to turn off alarms in my sleep, but tgis has an option to "lock" your alarm so you can't disable it until it goes off. This has helped me get up with no problems since I got it!
    Nekala over 3 years ago
    Good concept but they don't account for order of operations so it is very frustrating
    Lschinz over 3 years ago

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