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Jelly Factory (말랑말랑사천성2) screenshot 1
Jelly Factory (말랑말랑사천성2) screenshot 2
Jelly Factory (말랑말랑사천성2) screenshot 3
Jelly Factory (말랑말랑사천성2) screenshot 4
Jelly Factory (말랑말랑사천성2) screenshot 5
JellyFactory, now came back with reinforced graphic, sound effect, and strongly addictive: The BEST puzzle game ever!

★★How to Play JellyFactory★★
When touching the 2 same colored jellies, they will be eliminated when the jellies are connected with the line less than 3 straight lines.

★★JellyFactory Mode Explanation★★
1. Stage Mode
There are 4 stages with variety of level of different, and players have to eliminate the required number of jellies to clear. You can break the stages with fulfilling the missions!

2. Endless Mode
No-limited times, infinitive mode. Your level goes higher one by one with endless playing! The most attractive, addictive mode by getting the most scores to win...