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  • Mr. T
    Unbelievable tool. When my father died he left no information regarding any of his possessions. I've inventoried all of my hunting and reloading equipment and accessories. If my son and wife decide to sell off my hunting and reloading accessories and equipment this information will be valuable for them to determine worth and application.
    VonJodel over 3 years ago
  • Perfect for managing a camp kitchen
    I found this app three years ago. I use it to help me manage the inventory for a summer camp kitchen that I manage. When I first started using it didn't seem like a lot of effort to get everything in. The second year though became very useful because I had pre-enter things the year before. By the third year I was really on target with taking care of my inventory. I was even able to make new categories so that the dry goods that were stored over the rest of the year could be re categorized to their new location with just a few minutes work. About 100 items. Before camp began this last year I was easily able to print a PDF inventory of everything that I had from last year, this allowed me to make a order for the new year very easily and very accurately. I don't remember how much I paid for this app three years ago but it has been worth every penny or dollar I paid. Thank you KIWIobjects!
    PurpleChips19 almost 4 years ago
  • Tfvtvunidfnfiernvir
    So I liked the Lite version until I purchased the Full version. It appears that it does NOT automatically transfer the items over and for two days now, I'm trying to export/import the file over without success. I'm ready to throw my iPad out the window!! I'm so frustrated!! Also, I had to write this up several times, b/c it does not tell you the Nickname is taken until you hit Send, then you lose everything you already wrote....
    Avenrivirehviefcskd almost 4 years ago
  • Finally an inventory that works for me
    I really like this app. It has everything I need. The only problem I am having is the quantity area. If I go to the quantity area to look at it, it will show a minus 1 and I did not want that. So I gave to go back in and change it or my total on inventory is wrong. Alpha Brawd
    mikkirose almost 4 years ago
  • Nice and easy to use apps
    To organize my Eng lab
    Evolver12 almost 4 years ago

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