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  • Great app broke with iOS 8
    Sound now turns off when iphone turns off. My company forces me to automatically turn off phone after 5 minutes. Please help, I miss this!!!
    fendstat almost 6 years ago
  • Amazing App!
    Not only have I been able to lose a couple of stone, but perhaps more importantly, I'm just feeling a lot better about myself. The video explanations set the whole thing up in a really professional way and I love the multiple session and linking options which keep the programme feeling fresh. The app itself obviously doesn't make you lose weight, but its helped me focus my mind in such a way that it's just easier to make good choices for myself. Thanks alot!
    YJYoung about 6 years ago
  • Totally worth $$
    This app is two steps above the rest!
    Kra-zee-mama41 about 6 years ago
  • Great Update
    I've been using this app on and off for a long time now. The sessions help me to stay focused and relaxed and I just find myself eating more sensibly without even trying. I love that I can now combine and loop sessions in the playlist. Thanks!
    MelodyFe about 6 years ago
  • Can't believe this worked!
    I am in New Zealand and purchased this app admittedly with some scepticism. The morning after I first tried it I noticed my attitude towards weight loss and nutrition was already different. It was actually quite phenomenal and I did not expect to experience such an immediate change in my thinking. I have been using the app for one week now, I sleep better and more deeply at night and have had a dramatic difference in my nutritional choices, and yes, as a result have lost weight and feel so much more empowered to continue to do so. It's hard to believe something you can listen to via your phone can transform your life in the space of a week. I have been telling everyone about this app and the others in the series. Thank you so much from NZ, I am very optimistic that I will be successful in my weight loss goals.
    vanessa campbell about 6 years ago

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