zhuxian zhu Published Applications :

1. shows the current position on The map
2.show entertainment food bank gas station car park mall nearby you location
3.show the route from a place to another place
4.compress on map...
save your car's location and then find your car ,route to it
Display a compass on the map
Route navigation
Display speed, altitude, and direction
show Level
1.Record every consumer of the life
2.Photograph for the record Bill
3.record something on Drawing board
4.Bar chart see every month every year or every day‘s Income and...
Invoicing stand-alone
Sales Management Inventory Management Purchasing Management
  According to the supplier customer demographics date of receivables and payables
Customers and...
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illustrator 实例教程

1.when your see something Beautiful or interesting
you can take a photo and
Zooming and rotating image processing filters (Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue rotation, Sharpness)...
Conference record audio and video recording graffiti written records
Hypothetical scenario, the meeting or in class, or listen to a lecture or participate in a concert, or on the road
Business Cards manage
save cards message
save user name phone address contact business and other message
hand write or take photo to record the message
take cards photo
Clothing Invoicing
Invoicing applicable to the various stock sales management such as have colors and sizes of clothing and shoes and other commodities powerful, easy operation.
1. Barcode...
LearnChinese fruit
click the fruit picture learn how to read the name of fruit
in chines and english
learn how to read Initials Finals Overall syllable in Chinese
Japanese fifty notes
48 English phonetic
 Readings of the 26 letters of the...
Bluetooth Low Energy BLE debug tool
1.scan and connect bluetooth LE device
2.input CBUUID connect the device
3.after connect you can send data to the BLE device
4.print the return...
iPhone General Invoicing provides inventory management and accounting management, suitable for procurement staff sales staff and finance staff used in conjunction
Purchase sales management for...
1.show your position and compass on map, convenient for you to distinguish the direction and travel。

2 when you arrive in a place, you can find restaurant hotel and gas station near by...
Click the picture And teach how to
read the name Such as
father mather and other People in chinese or english
A good Teaching material for children Understanding of things
1.show gas station car wash parking hote food restaurant gym stadium movie theater KTV cafe bar bank atm nearby you
2.show compass on map
3.show route to the Destination
4.press on...
click the picture teach your children learn to read Fruits and vegetables in chinese english and japanes
Purchase and return management
Sales and Returns Management
Inventory calculation
Customer Management
Supplier Management
Amounts due from
The latest version has been modified based on customer feedback upgrade .
Which incorporates a calculator , do not you while holding a calculator to count a good result
You can record...
1.Drawing graffiti record in the class room for student
Taking notes in class,Photograph and save;
you can draw on a picture,and you can Photograph
and then write some text on it...
Photo Sketchpad
take photo and hand write something on it
and also you can write a note with it and save a picture
1.write some thing in any place when you need and send to your...
Chinese English conversation
48 English IPA table picture
 High resolution pictures of all over the world animal
 Chinese classical poetry famous Guinness (best version)
Digest version of the Chinese classic poetry...