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-- #Top1 Movie Quiz Puzzle!
-- nonsense - Impossible Movie Quiz
-- Badly Draw Pictures Hint !

The rules are simple guess the correct movie title.

=== Try to guess the...
-- Total Logos Game!
-- Logos All in One !
1. Logos Quiz
2. Logos Matching
3. Logos Finds

-- More Than 600 Famous Brands!

-- Logos Quiz
14 Levels...
====[ Puzzle Style Logo Game ]====
Each Logo contains four pictures (4 Clue)!

== Four Clues --> One Famous Brand !

== Famous Brand, TV, Character, Movie, Country, People,...
Family & Friends Party Game !!!

------ User Review -----
This is a great app to use with my students during our EFL classes!

== Guess the card on your head from your friend's...
Do you have 'general knowledge' terms or words or phrase?
If so, how much?

Do you know 'Sinkhole' or 'Da Vinci' or
'HatTrick' ?

What? Who?
News Topics, Greatest...
4 Pictures 1 Logo Quiz !

++ 500 Levels !!!

== Famous Brand, TV, Character, Movie, Country, People, Game, App !

== Never Stop Playing
Movie, Character, Movie Quote, Neon Character

++ 1000 levels !!

The rules are simple guess the correct movie title.
(or Movie Character)
(or missing word from 'Movie...
3 pictures 1 celeb !
(movie star, singer, sports, tv show actor, etc,.)

Have Fun !
Guess the football players from their photo or other clue.

-- world famous footballer !
1 pic 1 TV show
(Drama or Cartoon or Reality or Talk-Show)
1 pic 1 TV show character

-- Guess the TV show !!
-- What's the TV show Character!!
Guess the word from famous quotes or phrases or sayings!

New Style Fresh Game !
Brand, Food, Celeb, Movie or TV Show

Guess !!
'Emoji ToDo' is designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind and works great with any list you throw at it!

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