Yevgeny Kolyakov Published Applications :

iOS6 is supported now. iPhone 5 is supported now! Yeah!

Check out Unlayer Cam app in iTunes store!

iPad 2 saved picture cutoff...
Updated for iOS 6

VividCam is a handy app to enhance and filter camera input in poor light conditions in real time without the use of flash.

The slider bar...
This app is for anyone who wants to calm down, relax and get distracted.

Toddlers tested to have them sit still as much as 15 minutes at a time!

Bubble have moon-like gravity...
Create cute and lovely furry animals when you swipe. Touch them and they pop with funny sounds. Toddler tested to keep her occupied for 10 minutes or so. She will probably come back to it several...
Make Cool Videos from Photos!

Easy – Snap pic, choose effect and be amazed!

Morph from crazy weird, to colorful, artistic,
stunning and back! Sit back and watch...
Get your hands off your face! Use this app instead!
Pop pimple and score stars. The faster you pop the more stars you score.
Post pimples to Facebook!
Stare at a card, press 'Start' and poof!
The card you've been staring at is gone. Magic!
Bad habit in a silly app! Pull a hair with one or two fingers and be amazed!
The potty book is an animated story of girl Sara who is potty training. Most of the elements in the book are interactive and respond to touch with funny movements and sounds.
Guaranteed to make...
Toddler Sarah and her toys. Guaranteed to keep your child laughing and entertained for 10 minutes or so.

keywords: toddler, baby, babies, child, children, laugh, bubbles, toys, potty,...
These days all free guessing apps require money for hints. Not this app. Find words yourself or touch a question to reveal first letter. All hints on all levels are free and so is the app! Pure...
простая игра поиск слов с бесплатными намеков
Interactive book for young children. Touch animals to make them move and make sounds!

Cute animals will keep your kid occupied for 10 minutes with fun and laughter.
Fun interactive book for toddlers with funny sounds and animations. Guaranteed to keep your baby laughing for about 15 minutes!