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Simple Period Free ( Period Calendar ) was removed
Best Application selected by 150,000 users!

More convenient "Simple Period" with various functions with 3 lovely themes!

Do not hesitate to select your period application!
+ Send/Receive note via bluetooth
(You can share love story with your boy or girl friend)

+Video, voices, maps, photos, texts with one note at a time!!
+Multimedia diary, Sweet...
15만 유저가 선택한 최고의 어플! 

사랑스러운 3가지 테마와 함께
다양한 기능으로 더욱 편리해 진 우먼스 센스!

이젠 다른 생리주기 어플들 사이에서 고민하지 마세요!
3년 동안 많은 사용자들의 검증을 거친 우먼스 센스가 정답입니다.

우먼스 센스는 여러분의 만족을 위해 끝까지...




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Body Size Tracker - BodyBody Lite was removed
Body Size Tracker - BodyBody was removed
Amour Journal - Doux Souvenir Lite was removed
Think Tree Lite (mindmapping) was removed



A+ Grade Tracker was removed
ウーマンズ・センス was removed
Simple Period ( Free Period Calendar ) was removed