Yehia ElBehery Published Applications :

~ It's very helpful! - You can write a sentence and get an accurate translation.
- by segura

~ Great - So helpful for me to learn Portuguese.
- by 毛毛的夏天

~ Very Nice - LOVE...
~ Learning Finnish can be a hard thing to do, but this app helps out a ton.
- by Egglover356

~ Good grammar and interesting accents! - Also, real-time examples from twitter timeline...
~ Best Translation App - Modern, hasn't failed me yet.
- by velia

~ Top App - Very useful translating tool. I'm learning Korean at the moment and this application is a great...
~ The best - Would not go to Italy without App
- by Jeffreider

~ Great app! - Awesome translation of anything you desire, great for both beginner and those more fluent. Grazie
- by...
~ Fantastic!! - It is so simple & quick you use!! I sent texts to a lovely polish girl & now I'm going out with her.... She was very impressed!!
- by KSH001

~ Review - Wonderfully...
~ Translator - Best one yet!
- by Stepheroo7

~ So magnificent, will more than suffice for our holidays in Espana. Thanks for a super app!
- by BAR P

~ Best one - Tried 3...
~ Great app! - "Accurate" - so says my Swedish boyfriend. It even translates popular phrases too. Helps me a lot. Thanks!
- by Justnynns

~ Awesomest app ever - I am pretty good at...
~ Recommended - Easy to use and accurate.
- by Amycara

~ Dutch translation app - Great app. Will recommend to my friends!
- by Monzer10

~ Superior - This is an excellent...
~ This is the best one I found - For what I use it for, its perfect
- by Charlene1031

~ Helpful - This app has been great in helping me write to friends.
- by Hamish47

~ Great App buy it! - Great
- by Erwin1969

~ Business Analyst - excellent! if you want to find a better translator, you will not find one. i have tried them all and this is the...
Plunge into Russian with this beautiful App. In four words, Translate, Listen, Save and Share.


- iOS 7 fully compatible.
Whether your're travelling to a Russian...
~ Amazing app - Amazing app I love it ...
- by ่wanimay

~ Super... - The best under the norwegian translators....
- by Abc....E.C.E.

~ Bra - Veldig bra oversetter
- by...
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Machine translation sucks and translators are frustrating, ugly and not fun.

Here is why Danish Translator is not:

- See examples of your phrases from real world conversations...
~ Awesome App. - I don't know where I would be without this app. I LOVE it so much this will be my 1st app upgrade purchase (≧∇≦).
- by Soon 2B_Cola

~ this app is totally worth it!...
~ RKR - Certainly helped during our recent visit to Vic.
- by OhioScouse

Machine translation sucks and translators are frustrating, ugly and not fun.

Here is why Catalan...