YayNinjas LLC Published Applications :

Pet Clinic™ was removed
Hey, Boss!

Download the best Ninja game in the app store!

Train ninjas in this clan to fight against monsters such as porcupine, fox, dinosaur, bear, raccoon and kitty cat!
From the creator of Bunny Ninjas loved by millions of fans- it's time to create your dream candy factory! With enhanced graphics and gameplay, you have hours and hours of candy making and robot...
Supermodel World Tour was removed
Bored at work? Ever had a chair race at the office? Need a great game to play in the bathroom? Are you ready for the best thing in office fun since the Harlem Shake?

Say "Hello" to...
A great new game to play on the toilet!

Exercise your brain with this simple addictive puzzle game.
Guide the ball by swapping blocks to form paths to collect all the stars before...
It's so SIMPLE - Just answer yes or no questions! No better way to kill time than with this simple, yet addictive game!

COMING SOON: More fun facts and trivia!
An addictive game with an addictive soundtrack.

Milo loves dancing around the backyard to awesome dance beats, but (like most cats -handsome or not) he doesn't like water.

Flick Beans all day, every day - it's so much fun you'll never want to stop! Box an ship all kinds of beans to make your blossoming bean business a blockbuster success!
Dragon Fighters - Epic Battle Heroes was removed
Pack boxes full of fudge!

Hire friends and family to be your Fudge Packers.

Make money and build your ultimate fudge factory shipping empire. Get rich quick by packing as much...
Survive Every Apocalypse for Seven Minutes and a helicopter will Rescue Curtis And Tara.

-Shoot Robots, Zombies, Robot-Zombies, and Aliens! -Shoot Mutant Bugs and more!!!
- It's...