West Hill Published Applications :

"M.A.G" is a exciting simple scroll action shooting game.

You select the favorite from a lovely(kawaii) character of 4 types
and run while attacking the monster by shot, jump and...
"Scar Rush!!" is a 3D survival shooter action game for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad.

Protagonist of the game is being targeted from creatures.
Your mission is to survive the time limit...
A 2D STG like RPG party system with a retro feel!

Let's buster ghosts with three members of party!

- Easy operation. Attack and movement simply by sliding your finger on the...
"DragonTweet" is a retro RPG-style Twitter app.
Go on an adventure through your timeline just as if you are playing a game!

*Basic Functionality*
- Timeline display
"MikoActionGame" is a simple scroll action shooting game.
You run while attacking the enemy by shot and stomp!!