URARA-WORKS Co., Ltd. Published Applications :

An action-puzzler RPG with a retro feel!
The scourge is back with a vengeance! Seal him off for good!
Collect the three Spirit Icons to lead the way to victory!

=== How to play...
A legendary dungeon, filled with treasure and monsters to boot. A reckless hero arrives to strike it rich and steal the loot.

With no torch to guide his way through the dark corridors, he...
A calculator and an RPG combine to form a miraculous hybrid!
Includes bonus quick-typing game and math game!
※Rest assured, this app also works as a calculator.

- Use for regular...
Aim for an otter and launch a scallop!
These cute otters are feisty eaters… keep on
chucking – I mean feeding – scallops to the hungry lot!

=== How to play ===

- Pull back...
Measure by eye? No problem!
Take super-concentrated mentsuyu sauce and dilute it to just the right level by blending with water!
This skill might even come in handy in your daily life!...
Presenting a new style of corn-grabbing action game!
Pluck corn kernels to your heart's content!
Then, explore the creature-raising mini-game also included!

How to play:
Flick the caviar and load it up on the biscuit!
A never-before-seen caviar action game!
Two modes let you serve up caviar to your heart's content!

=== How to play ===
Defend your beloved planet!
Launch the robot scout to destroy incoming meteorites and protect your planet from destruction!

How to play:
* Place your finger on the center of the...
Here's a fun little time-waster introducing a new sensation -- popping salmon roe with your finger!

Introducing a slightly unusual twist on the typical app!
Who knew that popping...
Find the mysterious sea creatures lurking in the shirasu!

What's shirasu, you ask?

Shirasu, also known as whitebait in English, are the small young of fish like sardines and...
Introducing a new blood-based action puzzle experience!
As red blood cells flow through the bloodstream, it's your job to bond oxygen molecules to them!
*Note: Actual red blood cells and...
Tap to collect! Trace to build chains!
If you leave the rotten tangerines in the crate to sit, they'll spread and make the fresh ones around them moldy!
Presenting an all-new fantasy-action...
Tap the screen in time with the oncoming markers!
Keep the chain of tumbling dominos going!
A brand new style of gameplay: seems like a rhythm game, but in fact, it ain’t!

=== How...
The two runners' hearts beat as one! If just one of the runners trips, it's game over!

Control both runners and clear an endless hell of oncoming hurdles!

How to Play
* Jump...
Crunch, crunch… squeak, squeak…!
Move your finger in a straight line – and quickly!
Slice through this lumber, stat! There’s more coming!

Battle against “Virtual Gamers” in Today's...
Stack ‘em up and clamber on up!
Build a stack of heroes and help the princess climb to safety!
An exciting new twist on block stacking games!

=== How to play ===

Quickly tap the numbered toasts in ascending order!

How to Play
- Slide the bread into the toaster.
- In a few short moments, the bread will fly out.
- Now it's your job to tap...
Greetings, and welcome to Steel Ball Heaven!
Punch the oncoming steel balls endlessly and reach nirvana!
If just one of your little men fails to hit the ball on time, it's game over for...
Clamber up the ladder and grab coins as you go!
But watch out for the spike traps!
If one of the climbers slips, it's THE END for you!

=== How to play ===
- Control both the...
Fit the face piece to its matching partner on the grid!

How to play
* Search the grid to find a face that matches the piece displayed at the bottom of the screen. Then drag & drop...
Presenting a brand-new game genre: a popcorn action & shooting minigame!
Tap the screen repeatedly to rapidly launch corn kernels into the pan!
Collect the 16 rank titles and earn acclaim...
Can you spot the cat that's slightly different from the rest?
Featuring 24 cat breeds and 3 distinct patterns.
The different breeds you encounter will be collected for later...
Swing your paddle and send the ball back at your opponent!
This revolutionary new ping pong experience defies the norm: control both players at the same time!
Also included: a bonus game...
A new evolution of escape-the-room games!
Clear each room and escort Mr. Pixel to victory!
Plus! A speedrun mode with global rankings!
Hit left for sea urchin and right for moss balls!
Organize your aquarium and grow lovely moss balls!
Moss balls are a fascinating form of marine life -- algae that grows into a velvety...