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Add funny captions to popular images or your own photos. Create your own memes!

It's fast and easy: With a few taps you can add captions to any picture and share them with your...
Mental Maths Lite was removed
****** NEW APP *******
The sequel of this app has been released recently!
Tap on "Related" above and load the newer version of "Mental Math"!

What's 7...
Audio Twister - The real time sound & voice changer! was removed
Go Up! The breathtaking and unputdownable 1-touch-skyscraper-platformer.

"Crazy Addictive! Pure crack on the iPhone" -

Once you start, you can't stop playing. Get...
Would you find Egypt on a world map? And where are the Himalayas?

With MAPS OF OUR WORLD you can discover the world playfully. Learn the countries with their capitals, the rivers of North...
Mental Math! The classic with over a million downloads returns in a brand new version.

Boost your gray matter now! Here's a quick check: What's 7 × (4 + 9)?

Needed more than five...