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Foursquare Integration! A brand new functionality that allows to import your venues and place alarms on them.

* Import Foursquare venues
* place Alarms on venues
* conditional...
TooShopper's website with help, description and images:

Your Shopping Companion!

It's designed to allow the user to manage...
iNovaraCalcio tutte le informazioni su notizie, comunicati stampa, classifica, calendario, tempo reale e molto altro sul tuo iPhone a portata di...
Still with iOs4? TooRemind is iOS4.2 COMPATIBLE!!
Do you have iOS5? TooRemind implements the missing functions of iOs5 reminder app: a visual map with alarms, add a place by searching an...
L'applicazione per la domotica semplice in casa tua.
Da ora anche su iPad!

- Connessione tramite wifi all'impianto
- Scansione automatica della struttura dell'impianto
Hindi - Paper Meets Mobile

Connect to your favorite Cloud and retrieve all your PDFs, sync them for local use.
Enjoy reading and writing your PDFs on your iPad!
Print and share...