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Jango – Controls Traffic is a simple yet fun game that is made to be annoyingly addictive and delightfully entertaining.

It keeps your fingers busy like a bee and makes you focus like...
Duas, Names Of Allah and Prophet [P.B.U.H.], Kalmat and Darood was removed
This application contains the following list of wonders.

Wonders of the Medieval World

Roman Colosseum
Great Wall of China
Cairo Citadel
iHadith - Sahih Bukhari was removed
iHadith Pro - Collection of Sahih Bukhari , Sahih Muslim , Sunan Abu Dawud , Hadith Tirmizi, Hadith Ibne Maja and Sunan Nisai was removed
iHadith - Sahih Bukhari In Arabic was removed
iHadith - Sahih Muslim was removed
iHadith-Sahih Muslim in Arabic was removed
iHadith - Muta Imam Malik in Arabic was removed
As we grew up we were simply fascinated with military aircrafts, fighter planes and jets and thought you would be no different. Fighter Pedia is the very first and complete app on the app store...
iHadith – Arab'een Nawawi in Arabic was removed
iUmrah - A Comprehensive Guide was removed
Forty Hadith Qudsi was removed
Hadith Qudsi in Arabic was removed
Movie Quotes is an ultimate collection of super hit dialogues that you can use on all occasion. Its your pocket companion that you can use any time you are looking for lines that can touch heart,...
Hisnul Muslim in Arabic was removed
iVisitMosques was removed
After the hit of FighterPedia-An Ultimate Guide to Military Aircrafts, we bring you a pedia on helicopters!

- more than 30 helicopters from around the globe
- more...
iHadith - Abu Dawood In Arabic was removed
iHadith - Riyadh Us Saliheen in Arabic was removed
Ahkam Tajweed in Arabic was removed
Qisas al Anbiya in Arabic was removed
iHadith – Sunan Ibn Majah in Arabic was removed
iHadith - Sunan Al Nasaae in Arabic was removed
Azhkar in Arabic was removed