Thomas Castel Published Applications :

Task is the easiest way to plan your days: timeline + gestures.
Are you ready for a serious challenge? Get SEQ and discover a great new puzzle game with a unique concept!
In need of stimulation? Solve the puzzles of ON/OFF and turn ON your brain! But beware! Our puzzles are very tricky and finish the whole game will be extremely challenging!

2 Million players!
Playface - The Ultimate Photo Booth was removed
Snaptime was removed
Are you happy? Or do you need to change something in your life? Work with Mr Mood every day to find out!

There are now over 500,000 Mr Mood users over the world :D

“It may sound...
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.Parking was removed
PILE is a fast-paced Puzzle Game that will get you seriously addicted! Line your blocks up and try to make combos to score the most points. But beware, the clock is ticking!
Playface Pro - The Ultimate Photo Booth was removed
Playface Deluxe - The Ultimate Photo Booth was removed
1 sheep. 2 sheep. 3 sheep. 4 sheep. 5 sheep. 6 sheep. … Exhausting, isn’t it? To help you with this hard job, get +1! You can count on it to count anything for you.
Mr Flap was removed
Bicolor is a beautiful and minimalist puzzle game featuring 240 handmade levels. Each of them is made of only two colors! Are you ready for this new challenge?
Poptile is a super fun and easy game: all you have to do is to break tiles!

But be careful, Poptile is also tricky: a new line is added after each turn!

How long can you prevent...
Quetzalcoatl is your new challenge! Be prepared to push the limits of your brain with its 180 carefully designed snaky puzzles! Dozens of hours of gameplay are awaiting you!