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A WHOLE NEW Labelbox is now available!
With over 3 million users happy with the labels-only feature from the previous generation of Labelbox, our NEW Labelbox will be 3 times more the...
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☆Check out FUSIONCAM our latest app. Toy Camera + Multiple Exposure☆

* Please note due to the bug on the iOS 4, 3G devices are not supported. We are resolving this issue with Apple....
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☆#1 Photo app in 6 countries on its very first day of release

Fusioncam, a dynamic, easy to use classic toy camera with multiple exposure capabilities.
Just like a real toy camera,...
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Create classic photo booth strips, and share them with your friends in a few simple steps.

PhotoAutomat brings you into a virtual photo booth: Check the mirror before opening the curtain...
We turn your personalized photos into a wonderful canvas and deliver it where you want.
For those epic photos that evoke a lifetime memory, printing it on a beautiful canvas to place in your...
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