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Get the Best Voice Changing App! It Just Works!
Change your voice with amazing presets or create your own! Use the sound(s) as your...
As seen on the popular TV show "The Big Bang Theory"!
Now with an optional LightSaber sound FX, it's even better!

New feature...
The best Spy Cam App you'll ever buy!
It just simply works! Try it out for yourself!

✓ Voice Activated...
★★★New Feature Added: Now you can input the % for Property Taxes. It will automatically calculate the property tax amount based on the purchase price! (Note: We do realize this may be more than...
★★★The Best Feng Shui App you will ever experience!★★★

★★★New Feature: Share your Kua Number and your Best direction with your friends on Facebook!

Now Supports...
- 20 different sounds/music.
- Create hundreds of different combinations of sounds.
- Includes alpha, beta, delta, and theta waves for relaxation, sleep and...
Easily Mix your music or let Clip DJ automatically mix your music for you.

Ever wanted to automatically songs and set how long each song is played? Clip DJ will do that for...
**Requires iOS 4.1 or Later.**

WARNING: This game is very Addictive!

***Important Note: If you have iPhone OS version 3.1.2, you will need to update to the latest version play...
★★★Create an old wanted poster with funny captions!★★★


✓ Choose from Photo Album or Take a Picture.
✓ Includes funny captions or create your own captions.
★Add Hilarious Captions to your photos!★

You'll have a blast adding ridiculously funny captions to photos of your friends/co-workers/pets!

Warning: This...
Realistic Lightsaber FX with Visual Effects!

Powers on and off just like a lightsaber!
Go ahead, wave it around like a lightsaber!...
Note: Bug regarding Facebook login has been fixed. Thank you for your patience and support!

Check out the video demo on Youtube!

Tip: When using...
Find out what your Chinese Zodiac animal is now and see who you are most compatible with! Shows you detailed information about you and your partner!

Fun and entertaining way to see if you...
***You will find so many things that True Love Match says to be true about you and your partner!***

Have a crush on someone? Dating a new person? Having trouble in your Marriage or...
"Head Rating: 4 out of 5 Heads" -
Here's a Demo of the app by...
Have you ever lost your car in an unfamiliar city? How about a large parking lot at a concert?

Parking Genie is here to help you!


- GPS positioning to find...
Make time lapse photography videos automatically with Chrono Lapse Cam!

- Simple to use user-interface.
- Frames per second adjustments.
- Set custom time between...
Do you know when you will die? Do you think that you are overweight? Not sure if your weight is right for your height?
Will you outlive your friends?
This is the perfect app for...
*Addictive Gameplay for you and your Kids!*

Who's faster than a speeding paintball? Who's the cutest Super Hero? He's Penguin Hero!
Help Penguin Hero save his animal friends and become...
Make your photos pixelated!
You can make your world look like a retro 8 bit game!

- Easy to use!
- Three modes:...
Real-Time Cam that turns you or your friends into a Zombie!(Places the Zombie Mouth over yours in real-time)

Use this camera when taking a picture of your friends and Zombie Face Bomb...
Travel the Universe in search for gems!
Run through different worlds with unique characters!
Collect as many gems as you can to purchase upgrades, new characters, pets, and new...
See how far you can swim!
Don’t float up to the top or hit any obstacles or you’ll be a dead fish and become bird food!

Game Features:

- Simple single touch controls: Touch to...
From the maker's of Floppy Guppy, we give you Gator Crunch!
A retro style arcade game you won't be able to put down!

How far can you run until you get CRUNCHED?

Have you met...
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