Sim Ruenn Kang Published Applications :

Singapore weather with radar map display, PSI alert and 24hrs Raining alert/Rain Stop Alert by any location in Singapore.

*for device with iOS 4 and below, will be able to roll back to...
Mad Matching Pro was removed
Singapore 4D Lottery.

Latest 4D results - show latest result
Number highlight in results - easier to search your number
Alert for new result - alert result on every...
Malaysia weather with radar map display and 24hrs Raining Alert by any location in Malaysia.

- Raining Alert by any location in Malaysia
- Weather info like temperature,...
- 警特報
- 天氣小幫手
- 天氣週報
- 今明天氣
- 雷達回波 (靜態/動態顯示)
- 顯示用戶所在位置
- iPhone 5, iOS 6
World earthquake listing with magnitude, magnitude type, deep and distance from your current location.
We also have:
- search feature
- earthquake with country flag
- compass ( on...
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Hong Kong Weather with radar and satellite images displayed on map, animated radar/satellite images on map, 24hrs rain alert within any place in Hong Kong, AQHI, Weather Warnings and Signals,...
AAA Wanted, totally new way to play 2048 game.
Merge the smallest/wanted alphabet to WIN.
Boom the blocking alphabet as you...
2048 puzzle game with Bomb. Boom the blocking number to achieve 4096! Bomb is free to earn.

Swipe to move all numbers, sum and merge same numbers when they...
天氣@台灣 Weather@Taiwan was removed
Singapore Air quality report with notification service, haze map, Sumatra hotspot, PSI, particulate matter (PM10), fine particulate matter (PM2.5), sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2),...
Mad Matching is a game for matching thumbnails with the original photo. Drag a part, search and match, then drop on the matched location.
Mad Matching - Dessert, a new way to play matching game. Drag a part, search and match, then drop on the matched location.

We have 100+ of dessert photos and 100+ of pattern in this...