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Happy Chinese New Year!

Ready to try your luck? Time to gamble with your red envelope money!

Lucky Chinese Dice: Fish Prawn Crab (Hoo Hey How / Crown and Anchor) uses three dice...
Update: 7/4/10
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"Life's beautiful...
**** MIND BLOWN ******
Submitted and chosen mind blowing facts and bizarre news!
Great material for conversation starters.
All facts are linked to source.

"They're just sort of novel things that you show off in conversation." Wall Street Journal

"A great gag!"

"...I’m pretty sure iNap@Work is the greatest iPhone...
** This is the FREE ad-supported version ** Full version has global high scores.

Fun frantic addictive gameplay with colorful graphics!

Give those yummy Flyz a good tongue...
** This is FREE ad-supported version **

Notorious giant bugs are invading your jungle. It is your job to defend it! Tilt the device left and right to swing around and dodge the bugs. Tap...
Gravulous - WARNING! Highly Addictive was removed
Exclusive for the iPhone/iPad!

Average Texts is the app to share your everyday text messages.

Some are funny, some are vulgar, some are outrageous, and some are just plain...
Taste of Awesome = Boring Photos + Epic Captions

From boring photos to epic captions.
Daily updated hilarious images with captions.
Comment and vote on your favorites.
Unfriendable is a humor site featuring the top user-submitted displays of failure from Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo! Answers. With moments of hilarity and stupidity, they'll make you ask yourself...
Gives Me Hope 2.0 is the best way to feel hopeful!

Brand new interface, save to favorites, voting, submit new entries, comments, random, and more!

"Life's beautiful...
Ad-supported FREE version

You have been given the ability to protect your fellow kin from the ghosts!

Watch out as their forces come at you slowly but surely. Do you have what it...
Based on the MuggleNet the #1 Harry Potter fan site for all fans of Harry Potter news!

Mugglenet is an unofficial fan app that contains news, media, and podcasts for fans.

Coast to Coast: Cow Abduction was removed
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For those with issues running the app, please email We've tested on several different devices without issue and thousands of other uses have had no issues...

Enjoy the best hilarious pictures around the internet.
Features images from lolcats, loldogs, lol celebs, lol objects, lol news, lol comix Fail Blog, and Engrish.
FREE Courage

Need some daily courage?
Get this app whenever you need a dose of bravery.
Courage Wolf tells how to achieve greatness and will leave you feeling your...
Entries of the beauty and innocence of children from Gives Me Hope.

Share uplifting stories about kids and read about them daily!

Updated everyday. Vote on your favorites. Comment...
Tiny Flight was removed
**Lite Version
** Full version allows you compete with others for global high score!

Gameplay video:

Flyz was removed
Jungle Defender was removed
myPumpkinz was removed

Poor Floppy can't fly!...