Renzo De Renzi Published Applications :

- Backup your address book on Dropbox
- Restore your backups on different devices
- Retrieve single contacts from your backups
- Send the backup file via email
- Manage groups
XML-Query helps you contacting an XML-RPC web service and making queries. You can add as much parameters as you prefer to your query, depending by the service you are using. Data types currently...
Create a shopping list to add, remove, modify food, drinks and more with ease. Moreover you can share your shopping list via email or sms/iMessage. You'll never forget anything.
La consistenza catastale per gli immobili della categoria A (abitazioni e uffici) è espressa in "vani", e come è noto questi ultimi non corrispondono al numero di locali fisici che lo compongono....
NearChat allows you to chat with other NearChat users via bluetooth for free. You'll be asked to automatically switch the Bluetooth ON if it's disabled, without going to settings.