PANDA STUDIO Published Applications :

Quick - extreme shortcut tool

Quick-extreme shortcut
One click makes run app immediately.
Simple and polished design, stylish animation.
Use Quick and enjoy then you find...
Apps will not run properly is to handle the case.

1. Run the app.

2. Setting on the bottom right enter a font change.

3. Run the app again after.

★ iGoal2 ★...
"iGoal" follows the 10,000 Hour Rule.
The 10,000 Hour Rule to Achieve Success - in Malcolm Gladwell's book, "Outliers"...
★ iGoal2 ★
This iGoal can only save and manage 3 goals. The other features are the same as Pro version.
Pro version(1.99$) has no limitations and without iAD.

★ iGoal2 Pro ★...