P&G Productions Published Applications :

Yuck Mouth was removed
*** Need to go, on the go? SitOrSquat by Charmin can help you find public restrooms near you or where you’re planning to travel. Install SitOrSquat and search, view, rate and add public restrooms...
Pampers Hello Baby Pregnancy Calendar was removed
Use your phone to type in codes and earn points from Pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards.™
•Manual code entry
•Confirms point values of codes entered
•Displays updated point...
Clairol's newest app helps you take the guesswork out of finding the hair color that's right for you. myShade allows you to take a photo of your roots to analyze your hair color and gives you...
Ariel Vlek Expert was removed
Always Me Period & Ovulation Tracker was removed
Tampax® OnTrack Ovulation & Period Tracker was removed
Pampers Hello World Baby Memories was removed
Gillette Football Club was removed
Iams Vet 24/7 was removed
Hallo Baby Nederland was removed
Hello Baby Deutschland was removed
Pampers Hello Baby Suomi was removed
Hello Baby France was removed
When stains happen, StainBrain gives you simple solutions on the spot.

Blot or soak? Cold water or hot? Get the scoop on how to rid yourself of more than 85 different stains with on-the-go...
Pringles Crunch Band was removed
My SK-II – Mobile Skincare Counseling by SK-II Korea was removed
Take the first step to being in charge of your power. With the free Duracell Powermat PowerMaster battery monitor app you can see how much power you have left for all the things you depend on your...
Pringoooals was removed
Pampers Hello Baby Norge was removed
Color.id Simulator - Россия was removed
Oral-B App – your personal brushing assistant

The Oral-B app is designed to work with Oral-B power brushes. It will help you perfect your teeth brushing, and achieve healthy gums and a...
Dentalcare.com's registration app enables conference and exhibition delegates to register on dentalcare.com in a few quick and easy steps.
It is an IPAD application designed to be used in offline direct to consumer and Instore activities to collect consumer data with video/file demonstration capability to make edetailing.