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Enjoy talking with your friends all over the world! OTO will be with you.

OTO Global was developed by OpenVacs, the developer of OTO Free International Call, which allows calls to 94...
OTO is a great application that provides internaional calls from KOREA, JAPAN.

Call originated from the other country will be supported soon.

※ When you make international calls...
안녕하세요 김규종, 전경진, 신호열입니다.
먼저 태완이형 생일 축하해 ~

태완이형 생일을 맞아 이렇게 어플을 만들게 되었습니다.
처음 시도라 부족한 점이 많지만
관심과 사랑으로 봐 주시고, 태완형에게 축하 코멘트 하나 부탁드려요~

앞으로 더욱더 사랑받은 우리 형이 되길 바라며
PlayOTO-Free Calls & Messages

PlayOTO connects you to your friends all over the world with the most advanced multi-messaging and social networking service…freely. Come on! Let’s...