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World's Hardest Game 2 - AddictingGames was removed
World’s Hardest Game LITE - AddictingGames was removed
iPark It! LITE - AddictingGames was removed
Potty Racers 2 - AddictingGames was removed
¡Vámonos! Get ready to ride the rainbow and save the Crystal Kingdom with Dora!

The Greedy King has taken the color crystals from the Crystal Kingdom and hidden them! Dora needs your help...
Huje Tower LITE – AddictingGames was removed
The MTV EMAs are an internationally renowned music awards show packed with must-see live performances--and you get to vote on the award winners! International superstar artists ranging from U2 to...
Join Dora the Explorer as she looks for Boots' red boots in her first interactive Hide-And-Seek storybook adventure! Swipe along the arrows to uncover the red things to see what, or who it could...
Potty Racers – AddictingGames was removed
Beavis and Butt-Head iPhone & iPod touch was removed
iCarly: Baby Spencer was removed
50 States - AddictingGames was removed
World’s Hardest Game - AddictingGames was removed
Bubble Spinner - AddictingGames was removed
World Wars - AddictingGames was removed
iPark It! - AddictingGames was removed
iPark it 2: Park the World - AddictingGames was removed
Stunt Dirt Bike – AddictingGames was removed
Jackass Nutball was removed
Spielstunde mit Dora ermöglicht Kindern, spielerisch ihr Gedächtnis und ihre Beobachtungsgabe zu trainieren! Setze ein Puzzle zusammen, teste dein Gedächtnis, indem du die passenden Bilder findest...
Umizoomi, prêts à passer à l'action ! Votre enfant utilisera ses pouvoirs mathémagiques pour explorer Umi-ville, découvrir plein de surprises et jouer à cinq jeux mathématiques géniaux :
. Le...
Now, for a limited time only for just $ 0.99!

A ray of light is cast to keep the Dark Creatures at bay. When the lighthouse's power crystal explodes, its shards scatter across the island...
Spike's Deadliest Warrior has finally fought its way onto your iPhone and iTouch! Deadliest Warrior: Defend and Conquer has improved upon the best in tower defense gaming. With three campaigns...
Huje Tower – AddictingGames was removed
This is the best of GT all in one place! Watch all of your favorite GT Original shows, in-depth game reviews and the latest trailers on your iPhone or iPad. Whether you want to see the latest rant...