marge co., ltd. Published Applications :

App for you to directly use the Stickers for LINE/Message/KakaoTalk!

With more than 700 Stickers, you can show your emotions through pretty characters and cute Pictures in chat rooms of...
BlackBird is a twitter client application that can follow in secret.
Let's just follow the timeline of the BlackBird!

The features:
* The timeline, follow, and favorite only in...
Let's training of dodgeball at after school!

Dodgeball tournament next week againt class will be held.
Today is special training of dodgeball with physical education teacher Mr.Goriroh...
Try to challenge the heavyweight champion with one finger .
Just a simple operation boxing game just tap the screen intently .

The good news it's free app!

I think modern man...
Destruction tap techniques you!

App of madness, "Scrapper"
This app can relieve the stress of the daily!

Aim for "finger master"!

[How to use]
1. First "Start"...
"Tap ripe vegetables and get a high score!"

This game is FREE, FRESH and EASY to play.
You can find cute vegetables growing in this game.

Tap ripe vegetables and harvest...
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This app is a game that become the boss, defeat the enemy aircraft approaching.

The boss lived quietly in a far distant the galaxy.
Suddenly, the people who were riding in a fighter...
Sunk a pirate ship with cannon!

--- How to play ---
Touch the cannon to move from side to side in a timely manner, trying to fire a bullet!
Bullet is influenced by the direction of...
It is a story of 3000 years ago.
It is the story of the race that has lived in a small and mysterious island with strange habits.

They prayed to God in high clouds far away.
We made a paper plane iPhone app.

We have reproduced in iPhone app a paper plane that played at an early age.

Who best paper plane fly far, to compete with your...
We develop Kenkenpa iPhone app that may once played by anyone.

[How to play]
・One round and then tap with one finger.
・Round two and then tap with two fingers.
It is a simple...
Samurai do not miss a moment!

Samurai in the wilderness of midnight · · ·
Wind is strong・・・

A man who is the middle of between the is the...
Bjorn! I made ​​the iPhone app bounce and the Super Bowl!

I slammed the Super Bowl restraint on the ground in the park.
I'll jump high in the sky!
I wonder how far...
Take action exhilarating spree taking taking a coin!
Collect the coins more than anyone else in the world to use an umbrella!

"I came to the large hole of the legendary..."
The man...
Large hole in the bottom of the coin was sleeping ... again!
Appeared as early as the sequel of "Falling de coins" coin exhilarating action! !

The man arrived to dive to the bottom of...
Download Chicken's great escape on your iPhone/iPod touch ≡(/゚Д゚)/help!!

*Featured in the iTunes Rankings "The Best Free Game of racing category" list*

Let's push the envelope of dynamic visual acuity! SCAAAN!

SCAAAN is displayed continuously on the screen
It is a game to read a four-digit number.
All 10 questions, the time until...
Arrest the aliens disguised in human form!

Certain international airport here.
Alien rumor which has the appearance of a person that has recently entered the country...
☆SALE☆★ $0 ★☆SALE☆ An application popular in Japan!!!!
one month 100,000 DL!! the 2nd phase of the popular game! next time・・・【Chickens Great Runaway】
Easy operation! it is a lovely...
Samurai look up at the sky

What! Many of our bounty hunter
Are they not flying in the air! "Made such reckless-along-"
Defeat your enemies by swiping the screen.
Empty grassland..
Samurai sword polish today ·

No No stuffy! ?
Came today! From left to right, we aim at the life of the samurai bounty hunter! !
Be in the bow and arrow bamboo...
"Mochi Mori" is a game that aims to master of KAGAMI MOCHI possess a good balance of fresh rice cake.

[ How to play ]
The rice cake is made, so fly upwards, I would be caught in the...
Age and to shelling from sword to gun,,,
Fifth stage attack series! Appeared to be shelling Android! !

Before the enemy came in droves in the population, samurai enters into its own...
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