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WHAT IS YOUR ACCENT? >> Install Accent Detector and find out!


1. Find a friend with an accent. 

2.Type some custom message like "Korean accent...
"This App can identify peoples accents!" is what you say before you prank a friend with the Accent Detector. Watching your friends surprised faces is priceless!
**NEW** 30 New Funny Accents...
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ HOW COOL IS YOUR VOICE? ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Discover Your Voice Talent!

☛ Talent Detector™ will analyze your vocal skills, in a funny and sarcastic way.

☛ From the creators of...
95% of parents never teach their children how to focus and read faster.

"Tick Tack Pippi" is the First and Only Speed Reading App on the App...
Bring the pain on the red carpet!

What happens when celebs get into an EPIC battle on the stage? Fighting for fame. Flying and shooting with hilarious weapons.

Can you help your...
Vowels vs Consonants is a fun educational game for parents and teachers to help kids learn the Alphabet.

What better for kids to learn how to differentiate the letters by vowels and...
Odds vs Evens is a fun educational game for parents and teachers to help kids learn the difference between odd and even numbers.

What better way for kids to learn how to differentiate the...
This is not Planet Earth where you have millions of fans! Now you are by yourself, stuck on a zombie ducks planet. Good Luck!

You are Bieber, a celebrity who was forced to became a...
Would You like your children to learn the difference between Algebra and Geometry
before at a very early age?

Seamless Learning?

Yes its possible! And it is a lot of fun too!...
FLAPPY BIRD CHALLENGE??? Free for 11 more hours, then goes back to $6.99

Install Now!

Level 1 - SUPER HARD
Level 3 - MEGA...
Wanna play hard? Flappy Bird Is Back!

1. Tap to Flap
2. Dodge the pipes

Play Responsibly! Its super addicting:)

by Tony Fields "If batman played it he would throw...
"Don't let your mom play this game!"

Do you really want to put yourself through this miniature hell??

Second hardest game on App Store! Install at your own risk!...
Swaggy Frog - #1 Gameplay of the Year

You still have a chance to enter for the weekly giveaway!

1. Install
2. Leave 5 Star Review
3. Win iPad or xBox...
Love challenging games? Then this is your game!

- Skate
- Jump
- Don't hit the bricks!

Collect coins to unlock more characters!
Challenge your friends in Game...
Who Is The Mysterious NBA Player On Tile #2048???

11 Tiles > 11 NBA Players > Unlock Them All > Beat the Game!


How To Play?

1. Swipe to move tiles