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Emojis are colorful characters to decorate your email, messages, tweets and so on. Now check how to set emoji keyboards and edit your own unique messages with Emoji ☺☀☆☄ HD.

You can use...
[Ver 1.2]
- Support Multiple iOS Version


◷ Monitoring system processes with familiar icon and names

◴ Check memory status: Active, Inactive, Free,...

Are you ready for emergency? Do you have any tool to alert your...
예능인 월드컵 (Korean Entertainer Match) was removed
여자 탤런트 월드컵 (Korean Actress Match) was removed
아나운서 월드컵 (Korean Announcer Match) was removed
레이싱모델 월드컵 (Korean Racing Model Match) was removed
남자 탤런트 월드컵 (Korean Actor Match) was removed
정치인 월드컵 (Korean Politician Match) was removed
THE EARTH is getting WARMer but WINTER is getting COLDer!! Prepare THE Hand Heater for this winter, the next winter, the next next winter and so on.

◤ It's RIGHT time to get "THE Hand...
걸면 걸리는 걸리버~ [PCS]를 기억하세요?
문방구에서 [아폴로] 좀 먹어봤나요?
너의 사랑만이 이세상에서~ [별을 내가슴에]를 기억하나요?
[다마고치]  키워봤나요?
[슬램덩크, 드래곤볼]  읽으셨나요?
[메칸더브이 VS 마징가제트 VS 철인28호] 구분하나요?
오락실 [갤러그, 테트리스]를...
Finally, the world of most addictive game is released in store!!!
A inline skater races on the road and jumps over the walls.
Help him to race as far as possible and don’t let him to crash...
Check out how the all time #1 games can merge...
"하이루" "방가방가" [세이클럽][버디버디]에서  채팅 좀 하셨나요?
 [스타크래프트] vs [포트리스] vs [맞고] PC방에서 나의 게임은?
[아이러브스쿨]로 동창들과 번개 모임 좀 가졌죠?
 [미니홈피]에서 파도타기 좀 하셨죠?
 [마시마로] vs [우비소년] vs [도라에몽] 나의 핸드폰 고리는?
* 소싯적 노래방에서 불렀던 나의 18번?

* 가요톱텐 골든컵을 받았던 추억의 노래들 기억하세요?

* 한 소절만 들어도 감탄사가 절로 나오는 추억의 노래가 있죠?

* 가사 하나 안틀리고 끝까지 따라 부를 수 있는 추억의 가요가 있죠?

* 나가수, 슈퍼스타K(슈스케), 불후의 명곡,...
So many new features in our game.

All 6 Interesting Game Modes
Easy Game Play Control
Better UI
Game Center Support

We added new modes to improve our...