K.K. Amuzenet Published Applications :

You might be a billionaire within five minutes.
Try your luck at roulette!

[How to play]
●Spin the roulette wheel to get chips
-Easy to play!
Choose to place bets
Stop a timer to match a target time.
Improve your sense of time!

[How to play]
●Stop a timer to match a time that shows on Target!
- Press [Start] to start the timer.
This is a book of guitar chords, and you can check the sound as well !
Use this app to improve your guitar practice.

12 keys×21 chords are included.
Also, it includes 3 types of...
This is a Tetris type game. Stick same kind of animals more than 4 together and make them disappear!

- Tap the screen to choose 3 different animals.
- Flick left to spin the 3 animals...
Higher number is better!
Simple card game!

1.Choose one of the cards.
2.If your card is higher than the opponent's card, you win.
3.However "A" is...

Flip the panels to find a pair of the same drawing.
Each flip of unmatched panel is counted as an error.
Make all pairs within a time limit to clear the game.

◆Reach the goal by operating the stick without hitting walls or obstacles!
  Compete for the time how long you took to beat the game.

[Rules of the Game]
- You can control the...



It’s a sorting out in celestial kingdom where God lives. Divide an angel from a devil!

[How to Play]
- Put angels and devils which are swooping down from the top into the each...
Welcome to the cute cats world.
Can you find all hidden numbers in the picture?

【How to Play】
- Select a SCENE and difficulty level, to start the game.
- Find a hidden number...
Move the panels and make up the Number!

[How to play]
1.In Normal mode, to beat the game is to make up 1-15 number as the picture below.
2.In Hard mode, to beat the game is to make...
Scratch your screen to make a dash at the seadog!
This is penguin-curling!

Touch the screen to decide the direction the penguin slides.
When you press Start, the gauge...
Keep turning the bugs!?
How many bugs can you get?

[How to Play]
○Tap the bug to move and expansion your territory!
- You can move them to another square from side to side...
There is important stuff that you can't throw away!!
Shoot coming enemies to protect your trash house!

[How to play]
Defeat coming enemies!
- Tap the screen to...
Take a photo to read your fortune!
The picture of your palm is analyzed to tell your destiny.
Change the location of blocks, and set out same three designed blocks in pale-wise or horizontal row!
Aim a high score within a limited time!

- By flicking blocks from right to left or...
Traditional swordsmith craftsmanship
Put your whole soul into steel!

[How to play]
Use a hammer to forge steel into a sword.

1. Hammers fall down from the top of the...
Enjoy the festival in Japan.

[How To Play]

1.Touch a "Poi" which is a special to put it in the water.

2.Drag the "Poi" to move.

3.To scoop the Goldfish,...
Use a bowl to catch ingredients quickly because the owner throws them!
Catch as many ingredients as possible to be the best noodle catcher!

[How to play]
Tilt right and left to...
Arrange guitar chords to write a song easily♪
Simple guitar sequencer app.
Make your music life easier.

- Tap the star guitar pick to show the list of chords.
- After choosing...
Escape the prison with a cannon!
break jail with fellow prisoners!

[How to play]

Aim the cannon by dragging the rear. Release the fire!
Let's blow off the screen to...
Find an answer. However, you already see it.
See an answer to think about a math formula. It's English styled math drills.

[How to play]
1. Create 20 math formulas within the...
Use great figure skating skills to avoid obstacles!
Push mean judges off!
This is like a fighting!?

◆How to control
Flick right and left or up and down to use figure...
"I already know how you wield a sword."
Dodge samurai attacks!

[How to play]
●Dodge a sword that a samurai wields!
-The directions of dodge shows on the screen. There are three...