Jim Hoskins Published Applications :

Now that you have downloaded Minecraft, what do you do? The answer is simple, download the this app so we can help you out! This app includes:

-Complete Furniture Guide with over 75...
Have you ever wanted to have the coolest skin in Minecraft? Well now you can with Movie Character Skins for Minecraft! This app features:

-Tons of Movie Character Skins from new to old...
Ever wanted to get the coolest backgrounds for Minecraft? Or even draw cool Minecraft pics or apply filters to your photos? Well now you can with Backgrounds Pro for Minecraft! This app...
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You have built your first house in Minecraft. Now what do you do? The answer is to furnish it and this i the ultimate guide to do it! Furniture Setups for...
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Learn how to craft 140 different items in Minecraft. This app includes:
-Over 140 Crafting Recipes!!
-Keyword Search Feature
Block and Item IDs for Minecraft was removed
Cheats and Guide for Club Penguin, is your ultimate guide to all things Club Penguin. This app includes:

-Step by Step, All Secret Mission Walkthroughs!!
-TONS OF Cheats &...
Have you ever wanted to empress your friends with the coolest game inspired skins in Minecraft? Well now you can with Game Character Skins for Minecraft! This app includes:

-Tons of Game...
Have you ever wanted to have the coolest skin in Minecraft or look like your favorite TV character? Well now you can with TV Character Skins for Minecraft, this app includes:

-Tons of TV...
*Checkout the 3.0 updates released today*

- "One of the best games ive played since i got my touch!" - Grey Oakes

-"The 2011 Game of the Year" -Jim Hoskins

Houses for Minecraft provides the best guide for building your house in Minecraft. This app has the best collection of videos and guides plus extras to help you build the coolest houses. In this...
Mob Skins for Minecraft was removed
One Direction Quiz and Trivia Free was removed
Feeney's Frozen Yogurt offers a free App allowing easy access to our Facebook site with quick view of daily flavors, photos, fro-yo trivia, etc. In addition, special offers will be available to...
**This game runs MUCH better on Iphones and Ipads then Ipod touches**

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Neon Runner is finally here.
"One of the best games of...
-This is the official Boy Scout Troop 101 app.

-By Jk2Games and Cobra patrol.

-When you download, a large amount of the price is donated to Boy Scouts!*

-It is self...
Have you ever wanted to test your knowledge of Minecraft? Well now you can with Quiz and Trivia for Minecraft. This app features:

-Tons of packed quizes
-Easy to use...

-No In app purchases ever
-No Ads Ever
-40+ levels(MORE TO COME)
-epic level
-Choose you own ball
-awesome graphics

Roller Ball Free -based labyrinth game featuring realistic physics, great graphics and more! Roller Ball is a labyrinth...
-Now .99 cents, for a limited time
-FREE lifetime updates monthly
-No Ads
-4 Bonus Games
-2 multiplayer games
-3 difficulties

"One of the best Ipod Games EVER" -Jack...
"One of the best games of the year" -Andrew
-Classic Game
-One of JK2's best games
-Free for a LIMITED...
!Please support use by rating this game!

*****WAS 4.99 NOW ONLY >>>FREE<<< for a LIMITED time*****

Finger Twist is:
-NEW over 25+ bonus levels
-Super addictive...
Wet n Wild Emerald Pointe was removed
Westover Church, a non-denominational Church in Greensboro, North Carolina. We strive to develop Maturing Followers of Jesus Christ.
Have you ever been stuck trying to craft a item or just wanted to know more or even cheat in Terraria? Well now you can with Guide for Terraria. This app includes:

-Hundreds of pages of in...