Jens Blom Published Applications :

Puzzles are fun!
A simple and entertaining puzzles for kids with 12 different puzzles

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We love to create fun kids games
My house is fun stickers game for kids
the house have 9 different rooms that can be furnished in unlimited ways

* 200 different items to play with
* 9 different rooms
* 14...
This is a fun puzzle game with a lot of fun sounds
each object makes a funny sound when clicked on

Have fun !
Robot match Is a simple and fun game for young children
4 different game types and 63 different robots
Have fun!
A fun and exciting app for toddlers

Have fun!
A fun and entertaining matching game for the youngest children

Have fun!
Animal match is a fun game for toddlers
4 different game types and 50 different animals

Have fun!
Puzzle is fun!
A fun jigsaw puzzle for kids.
20 different animals and 4 different levels
Have fun !
Bugs and Animals Farm Puzzle is a great shape matching game that lets your toddlers play while developing their fine motor skills. Your child can have fun while learning names and shapes of...
Speed ​​Dial is an easy and quick contacts search!
Search quickly in your contacts with T9

You can find your contact quickly after just a few clicks
A fun puzzle for toddlers
this is a follow up for the popular game "puzzle - fun for kids 2"
Have fun!
Memo is a fun game for kids!
Have fun!
Play and learn at the same time

3 different game modes

* Alphabet
* ABC memory
* Learn to read

This game is also fun for the youngest children with a...
Pirate Dot to Dot – Connect the Dots for Preschoolers is a great counting game to help your toddlers
learn to recognize and read numbers from 1-10. This 123 connect the dots game is perfect...
Animal match is a fun game for toddlers
4 different game types and 50 different animals

Have fun!
A funny and entertaining puzzle game for the youngest children
12 different puzzles with over 75 different pieces

Have fun!
My own puzzle is a fun jigsaw puzzle where your kid can create any puzzle he / she likes
For example there favorite moments , birthday parties , vacations or other fun moment your child enjoys...
Pirate fun 123 is fun game where the child learns the numbers.
The game is very easy and is suited for the younger children
The game is a "practice game" so the child learn the 1 - 10...
These puzzle pictures are great for toddlers whom love dragging and dropping the animals they love to fit the correct matching shapes. Just choose from a variety of puzzle pictures and listen to...
Animal Puzzle is a fun children app for preschoolers
Each level have unique animals with unique sounds make each puzzle fun and exciting. When the child is done with a puzzle she / he will be...
Big Trucks and Construction Vehicles JigSaw Puzzles for Preschooler is an educational introduction to jigsaw
puzzles for kids (nino) between the ages of 1-5.

This is a great puzzle...
Cats is a cut puzzle game for kids who loves cute kittens
24 different images of kittens and cats in 4 different puzzle types

If you kids love cats and kittens the this is a game for...
Math Memo is a new learning game that helps your child learn numbers from 1 to 10
Counting from 1 to 10 has never been easier... or more fun.
Math Memo includes 4 different level and 6...
Fish puzzle
this is a fun puzzle game for your kids ! The theme is fishes and sea.
There is 3 different kinds of puzzles in the game , full size puzzle pieces and two different kinds of...