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GarageBuy makes searching items on eBay efficiently. GarageBuy synchronizes your searches and items you already saw through iCloud. Thus, you can focus on new items only, no matter if you are on...
GarageSale Touch lets you create, edit, track, and manage all your eBay auctions on your iPhone.

GarageSale's Main Features:
- Supports 16 different eBay sites including eBay.com, eBay...
GarageSale HD is there for maintenance updates only. Please do not buy it. Instead, please purchase GarageSale, which is absolutely the same application and a universal binary for iPhone, iPad and...
GarageSale Free is the free edition of GarageSale for the iPhone.

You can use GarageSale Free to prepare and preview complete eBay auctions. Unlike GarageSale, starting auctions is only...
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